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Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly, the questions that are asked are about Accommodation and things to see and do around Darwin.  So, they have got separate pages - other stuff should be answered here - if not, please let me know and I will see what I can find out.

Interested in partying? or maybe when show training is being held and where?  In the last couple of years we trialled a Calendar of Events and in 2007 there was a separate site set up for the Northern Territory Show Circuit.

Maybe you want to know how many dogs have been entered in your group or breed previously, check here for details.

About the Show and the Showgrounds
There is no benching at the Darwin Royal. Exhibitors set up on the grassed two and a half acres at the Rink Van Der Velde Dog Arena at the Darwin Show and Exhibition Grounds. Access is off the Stuart Highway via the Shean Road entrance.  Traffic controllers now marshall one-way access to the grounds from Shean Road, and then back out via Hook Road.

In 2008 we trialled having pre-paid, booked sites.  This proved to be very popular and we have continued.  This is mainly to accommodate exhibitors wanting to set up in a particular area or those that require several sites located together.  This is not mandatory and there will still be plenty of space available for exhibitors that does not incur a cost.  There will also be a Hospitality tent available for those 'out of towners' that require shade and chairs.

Previously this was the only event on the NT Show Circuit that sent out exhibit numbers in advance.  We are now the same as other events and numbers will be picked up on the day from the check-in table.  Therefore a stamped self-addressed envelope is no longer required. For those exhibitors traveling to Darwin that do NOT want their membership or passes mailed out please clearly mark this on your membership forms.  Membership can be picked up from the RASNT office on your arrival in Darwin.

The Darwin Royal is run over three evenings with Group Specials being completed on the same night as breed judging for that group. All Best, Runner Up and Class in Group winners are required to return for General Specials on the third night. Should gate passes be required for return of exhibits, these can be obtained from the Show Managers. The first night starts at 7.00pm, after the sun has set. Friday and Saturday nights generally commence at 4.00pm and sunset usually occurs while the supper break is on.

Security and parking attendants will generally allow dog exhibitors to drop off their dogs and equipment adjacent to the show area, however all vehicles will then be required to move back to the designated parking areas. For members this is immediately outside the dog area. For non members they will need to move their vehicle to the general public car park outside the gates. Dog trailers are allowed to remain in the dog area car park.

For car parking purposes alone, plus the reduced cost of entries, it is highly recommended people join the RASNT as members.

This GoogleEarth picture was taken, we believe, on Saturday 29 July 2006.  It was certainly taken during the day while the Darwin Show was busy.
NB. An e.mail was sent to the copyright owners of the photo, and they have never asked for it to be removed.

The Dog Area is where the pin is.  The area to the east is the Members Car Park.  The area to the north is the General Public Car Park.  Because the Dog Section is an evening or late afternoon event the General Public Car Park is normally quite full when Dog Section people arrive. 

aerial shot of the Showgrounds during show time

The Dog Area is locked during the day to safeguard exhibitors' property left on the grounds.  The Dog Area gate is opened at least 2 hours before judging each day, ie. by 5.00pm on Thursday and 2.00pm on Friday and Saturday.

Exhibits are required to attend until the completion of judging each evening as per the RASNT regulations. Only exhibits entered in the show may attend unless prior approval from the Show or Trial Managers is obtained.  This generally not a problem as it is acknowledged that visitors cannot leave their animals alone while travelling.

Fireworks are conducted on the main arena at 9.00pm on the same night as General Specials. While the organisers aim to have Specials completed by that time we encourage all exhibitors to ensure their dogs are securely contained.

Major RAAF exercises are generally conducted at this time of year and there is some fighter jet aircraft activity.  The Darwin airport/RAAF Base is across the highway from the showgrounds.  In the above photo the area immediately north of the Stuart Highway is the airport precinct.  Some noise will be experienced during evening flights, mainly from the fighters while they are preparing for take-off on the runway.

Weather and Local Stuff
The weather in Darwin in July is generally dry, with warm afternoons and cooler evenings. Even visitors from southern states sometimes require a lightweight cardigan or jacket once the sun goes down. A personal insect repellant would also be useful to ward off mosquitoes and sandflies.  Once the sun goes down it can become quite dewy underfoot.

The water in Darwin is lovely and not many visitors, canine or human, experience problems with tummy upsets.  However visitors should be warned that Ticks are common in the North. These are not the paralysis-type tick, rather Cattle Ticks.  Some form of flea and tick treatment prior to arriving in the Northern Territory should avoid major problems.  Also Cane Toads are encroaching slowly northwards and dogs should avoid them, especially those visitors that are travelling up by road.

Visitors to Darwin are reminded that if you are planning a day or two in national parks such as Kakadu, then you may NOT take your dogs with you and alternative arrangements will have to be made.

Most camping and caravan parks in Darwin have a small kiosk or shop available, however 7 days a week supermarkets are generally within a 20 minute drive from anywhere in Darwin.  Trading hours are usually 6am to 10pm.  Most supermarkets and "corner stores" in Darwin are also licensed Monday to Saturday - an important note for some :-)

At Royal time we have been lucky in previous years that stalls selling doggie paraphernalia, such as leads, grooming equipment and products, etc have been available at the Royal Darwin Show.  There are now also local vendors that may be in attendance, however if you require something out of the ordinary then it is strongly recommend that you bring spares with you.

Exercising Dogs
Darwin City Council has designated that all Council parks, reserves, gardens and beaches under Council care and control may be used as dog exercise areas with a couple of exceptions.  More details available from the Darwin City Council website.

In addition, Palmerston City Council have an area where dogs may be exercised off-lead.  This is PEDIGREE Pet Park and is located at Marlow Lagoon, approximately 2 minutes from Palmerston and 10 minutes from the showgrounds.  A brochure about PEDIGREE Pet Park is available for download from the Palmerston City Council website.

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